Before you register as a cast member, we would like to remind you of the expectations we have of our cast.
Rehearsal Attendance:
Show Performances: All cast members are expected to attend/perform at each show.
Dress rehearsals: Apr 8, 9
Performances: 6:30 pm Apr 10 & 7:00 pm Apr 11, 12, 13 and 1:00 pm Apr 13, 14
Music/Costumes: If music/costumes become damaged or lost, reimbursement will be expected.
Medical Treatment Consent for Minors: In the event of a medical situation occurring during my absence, or when my physician( s)/hospital are unable to contact me, I hereby authorize the treatment, administration of anesthesia, and/or surgical treatment(s) for my minor child. This authorization extends to any hospital, physician and nursing personnel within the hospital, as well as any physician( s) office where treatment is rendered. I release from medical responsibility and liability , the hospital, medical authorities and physician(s), for acting on the authority of this Medical Treatment Consent which is deemed necessary , and in the best interest for my minor child.
Virtus Training: As a cast member, adults are required to have completed/be enrolled in VIRTUS training. This applies to high school students who will turn 18 by April 14th and all parent volunteers.

The Diocese of Green Bay policy on VIRTUS states that all priests, deacons, other ministers, and employees who may or may not have contact with children, young people and individuals at risk and volunteers who have contact with children, young people and individuals at risk as part of their volunteer duties are required to complete the VIRTUS Adult Awareness Training Session.

If you are willing and able to abide by these expectations, click the "I AGREE" button below to continue the registration process.