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ALL RISE: The Northeast Wisconsin Passion Play

Xavier Fine Arts Theatre
1600 W. Prospect Avenue
Appleton, WI

920 733 8840

Masks are optional.
COVID-19 Protocols are subject to changes and updates at any time.

Adult Cast Registration

Please enter all information carefully and fill in all fields.

Before you register as a cast member, we would like to remind you of the expectations we have of our cast.

Rehearsal Attendance:

All cast members are expected to attend regularly scheduled Sunday rehearsals.
Casting is based on information provided in this form. Any change in availability may affect participation in the production.
Please take a moment to review your calendar for any prior commitments such as Confirmation, out-of-town weddings, performances for choir, band, etc. when completing the next section.

Adults: January 28 through Super Sunday, March 17
Young People's Choir: February 25 through Super Sunday, March 17

or indicate missed dates below

Any soloist, small group and dancers will be expected to attend additional rehearsals in addition to the Sunday full choir rehearsal.
Your participation in the show will be re-evaluated if your attendance is inconsistent.

All cast members are expected to attend/perform at dress rehearsals and each show.

Dress rehearsals:

March 18, March 19

or indicate missed dates below


6:30 pm March 20 and 7:00 pm March 21, 22, 23 and 1:00 pm March 23, 24

or indicate missed dates below


If music/costumes become damaged or lost, reimbursement will be expected.

Virtus Training:

As a cast member, adults over the age of 18 are required to have completed/be enrolled in VIRTUS training. This also applies to adult volunteers over the age of 18. The Diocese of Green Bay policy on VIRTUS states that all priests, deacons, other ministers, and employees who may or may not have contact with children, young people and individuals at risk and volunteers who have contact with children, young people and individuals at risk as part of their volunteer duties are required to complete the VIRTUS Adult Awareness Training Session.

Permission to photograph:

Cast members should expect to be photographed or videotaped during rehearsals and performances. Christmas Stars reserves the right to use all photographs, videography and other images for publicity purposes.

If you are willing and able to abide by these expectations, click one of the buttons below to continue the registration process.

Choose "FINISHED" if you don't need to register children.

Choose "CONTINUE" if you want to register children.

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